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The Sioux Lookout area is one of the better drive-to fishing destinations in all of Ontario. This area has Lac Seul, which is known for its outstanding walleye fishing.  Lac Seul is the big draw and on some of the other parts of Lac Seul, walleye and pike will be plentiful, but muskie and smallmouth bass not so much.  In the Sioux Lookout area, you can target muskie and smallmouth bass to go along with excellent walleye and pike fishing.  The variety of species to go along with good numbers and trophy fish make this area an awesome fishing destination.  Some of the other popular lakes to fish are Abram Lake, Minnitaki Lake, Botsford Lake, Big Vermillion Lake & Little Vermilion Lake.  In this other lakes, there are a lot of options for targeting different species of fish.  Muskie, pike, walleye, smallmouth bass and lake trout are all available.  It just depends on the lake that you’re fishing.

Learn About the Fish

Primary Species of Fish
Walleye, Northern Pike, Muskie & Smallmouth Bass

This area is home to some awesome fishing for a variety of fish.  You can find all 4 of these species in good numbers depending on what lake you decide to fish while visiting this area.

Secondary Species of Fish
Perch, Crappie & Lake Trout

You may find some very good fishing for perch, lake trout or crappie depending on the time of the year you are fishing and what lakes you decide to fish in this area.  They are still secondary here compared to the walleye, pike, muskie and smallmouth bass.