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Fishing lights are gaining in popularity every year.  For anglers that like to fish at night, you really should consider purchasing some fishing lights.  There are 4 main categories of lights that you may need or want while fishing at night.

Underwater Fishing Lights

Well, how do they work.  It’s fairly simple.  Insects are attracted to lights.  Small insects bring in small bait fish. When there are small bait fish around, big fish will follow.
It usually takes a half hour or so for these underwater lights to start attracting fish.

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Portable, Hand-Held Fishing Lights

For many people, they will just bring a flashlight and flashlights will get the job done, but the bigger portable shop lights also work great.  Take a look at the links below to see what’s available.

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Head Lights

To make it easier to see, many anglers prefer to go hands-free and attach a light to their head.  There are many options for you.

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Boat Navigation Lights

Navigation lights help you and other boaters determine which is the give-way vessel when encountering each other at night. These lights must be displayed from sunset to sunrise and during periods of restricted visibility such as rain and fog.  Power boats under 12 meters long (39 feet) require the following:

Separate or combination red and green sidelights, 112.5°, visible 1 n.m., placed above hull at least 1 meter (3.3′) below masthead light.

Masthead: white, 225°, visible 2 n.m., at least 1 meter above side lights.

White stern light, 135°, visible 2 n.m. OR, one all-round (360°) white light (should also have sidelights).

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