Welcome to our Lake St. Clair Fishing Home Page

Lake St. Clair is the smallest lake in the Great Lakes system.  It is not considered as one of the “Great Lakes,” however, it is part of the Lake Erie basin.  Lake St. Clair is shallow, with an average depth of around 10 feet and the maximum depth of 21 feet.

Lake St. Clair offers some excellent fishing.  You can catch trophy smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, walleye, perch and muskie.  This lake is unique in that so many different species are targeted by anglers.  There are many anglers that target smallmouth and largemouth bass, while others target the great-tasting walleye, and some anglers go crazy over the muskie in these waters.  Local anglers believe that St. Clair is the best smallmouth bass lake in the state.

Primary Species of Fish

Smallmouth Bass & Perch

Lake St. Clair is known for its amazing smallmouth bass fishery.  It’s one of the best places to fish for numbers of smallies and it has plenty of big fish too.  It’s pretty incredible.  The perch fishery is also very good.  When the bite is on, you can catch a lot of them with lots of big jumbo perch here too.

Secondary Species of Fish

Walleye, Muskie & Largemouth Bass

Walleye, muskie and largemouth bass are available in Lake St. Clair as well.  You can target all these species of fish and if you know what you are doing, you have a very good chance to catch some of these fish.  It’s one of the better big fish muskie lakes in the country and many of the guides are known for having multiple fish days, which is pretty awesome.  Some anglers do target walleye here and there are some big fish roaming these waters.  The largemouth bass fishery is actually pretty solid if you target the shallow water areas with all types of cover.  Basically, fish all the areas that look like largemouth bass water and you’ll find some of these fish here too.