Finesse Worms

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Finesse worms are smaller and usually skinnier than other plastic worms.  Most anglers think of smallmouth bass fishing when they think of finesse worms, but you can also catch largemouth bass, trout and other species of fish on finesse worms.

Tackle Recommendations

Rod, Reel & Line

Finesse Worms are popular soft plastic worms that come in a variety of sizes.  Most anglers use finesse worms for walleye and smallmouth bass, but they work for other fish too.  With the finesse worms, lighter tackle is key.  6 to 10 pound line on light to medium action rods will do the trick with the lighter weight finesse worms that anglers love to use.

Best Rigs

Drop Shot Rig

The drop shot rig is probably the best rig for fishing with finesse worms.  Twitch them pause them, repeat and then hang on.


Most finesse worms are perfect for rigging on a jighead.  If you don’t need to rig it weedless, a simple jighead can be super effective for rigging your finesse worms.

Shaky Head Jig

Some shaky head jigs will fit well with a finesse worm, however, many of them will be too small.  If you can get a finesse worm on a shaky head jig, this is a good way to fish a finesse worm.  The smaller, lighter finesse worms will sit up off the bottom easily when fished on a shaky head jig.

Scrounger Jighead

Some finesse worms fit well onto the scrounger jighead and the action can be quite good.  Jig it up off the bottom and then it fall or bring it in with a slow and steady retrieve.  Both methods work well for a variety of fish.

Spinner Rigs

A spinner rig can be effective with finesse worms, especially when fishing for walleye and sauger.  Some of the finesse worms with a curly tail look very good on a spinner rig.

Best Fishing Techniques

Hopping Them Along the Bottom

This is one of the most popular techniques.  Hop it up off the bottom then let it fall back down.  You will get most of your bites on the fall.

Swimming Them

The curly tail finesse worms can be very effective with a slow and steady swimming retrieve.  It’s one of the more popular way to fish these worms for smallmouth bass.

Vertical Jigging

Most anglers will vertical jig when walleye fishing, but it can be effective for bass and other species too.

What Eats Them

Largemouth Bass

Smallmouth Bass

Spotted Bass



Many other fish will eat a finesse worm as well.

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