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Wacky worms are also referred to as stick worms, pencil worms or straight worms.  There are some straight worms that are made for finesse fishing with a drop shot rig, but this page is for wacky worms that were made for fishing wacky style.  The “Senko” got it all started and now most of the major soft plastic bait manufacturers have their version of a senko.  These worms will catch more than bass, but most anglers only use them specifically for largemouth and smallmouth bass. This is one of the best worms ever made for fishing weightless.

Tackle Recommendations

Rod, Reel & Line

It depends if you are fishing around cover or not.  If you are fishing a rocky drop-off for smallmouth bass in very clear water, you may be using 6 pound line on an ultra-light spinning combo.  If you are fishing around wood for largemouth bass, you could easily be using 20 to 30 pound line with a heavy action baitcaster.  The situation dictates it and you will definitely bounce from lighter gear and heavier gear depending on what you are targeting.

Best Rigs

Use an O-Ring

We recommend using an o-ring when hooking these baits wacky style.  Without the o-rings, you’re going to lose a lot more of your baits.  It can be a one bait per fish bait at times without the o-ring.

Wacky Rig, Weightless

Fish a wacky worm weightless around all types of cover and you’ll do well with largemouth bass.  When smallmouth bass are in the shallows, this can be a great way to catch them as well.  Rig it wacky style, cast it out, twitch it, pause it and repeat.  It’s that easy.  This is one of the easiest baits you can fish with to catch good numbers of bass and big bass.

Wacky Rig, Finesse Jig

A finesse jig and wacky worm is one of the better ways to fish these baits.  The finesse jig allows you to get down deeper a little faster, but still allows the bait to have that slow, quivering action that bass absolutely love.

Wacky Rig, Drop Shot Rig

The drop shot rig is great for fishing deeper than you could with a weightless rig.  Fish 6 to 12 feet of water for largemouth or go way down there to target smallies as deep as 25, 30 feet or even deeper.  Hook it wacky style, twitch it, pause it, twitch it and repeat until you get the bite.

Ned Rig (Half Wacky Worm or Smaller Wacky Worm)

Fish half a wacky worm on a ned rig and you’ll catch good numbers of bass and even walleye.  It’s one of the best rigs for catching good numbers of bass.  This technique also allows you to catch a lot of fish without losing so many baits.

Best Fishing Techniques

Slow Lift & Fall Retrieve (Weightless)

This is one of the most popular techniques.  Cast it out, let it fall.  Most of your bites will come with you doing nothing.  Twitch it and let the bait do its thing.  The slow and steady retrieve to the bottom helps get a lot of bites.

Drop Shotting Them

Using the drop shot rig is very effective.  Cast it out, let it fall to the bottom, twitch it, pause it, twitch it, pause it and hang on.

Hop It Along the Bottom

This works well with the drop shot rig or with the Ned Rig.  Pop it up off the bottom and let it fall back towards the bottom.  Some anglers work these wacky worms on a variety of other rigs as well.  The action won’t look as good, but it doesn’t seem to matter.  Bass love these baits.

What Eats Them

Largemouth Bass

Smallmouth Bass

Spotted Bass


Many other fish will eat a wacky worm as well.

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