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Jigheads can be used for almost any fish and in almost every situation.  Jigheads are used to add weight to your bait or lure, but the weight is attached to the hook.  Jigheads come in different sizes and they catch a variety of species from small bluegill to massive northern pike.  There are quite a few different jigheads on the market today.

Take a look below at some of the different styles of jigheads below.

Scrounger Jigheads will make your soft plastics come to life compared to most other rigs.  These jigheads are incredible for slowly retrieving a variety of soft plastics baits.


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Ball Style Jigheads – The ball style jighead is usually used for veritcal jigging.  It is great for getting down to the bottom quickly.  Worms, minnows, leeches and soft plastics are usually used with ball style jigheads.


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Darter Style Jigheads have an angular head and they are designed to glide through the water with little resistance.  These types of jigheads work well at imitating smaller bait fish.  A good paint job paired with plastic minnows and curly tailed grubs can be a great combination.  Darter style jigheads work well with a cast and slow wind in retrieve and even trolling can be effective.


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Football Style Jigheads are preferred by many bass anglers.  The football head jig is usually preferred over other types of jigheads when dragging a jig along the bottoom. This type of jighead works great when worked over rocky bottoms, humps, sandy bottoms, along rock walls and in many other situations as well.  Football Style Jigheads are often paired with pigs, craws, or grubs.  Weedguards are common when using this type of jig in very heavy cover.


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Rattling Jigheads – Jigheads that have a rattle in them tend to work really well, especially for largemouth and smallmouth bass.  The rattling noise helps make your jigs stand out a little more than a jig that doesn’t have a rattle.


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Slider Style Jigheads – The Slider style jigheads are an all in one design for the Texas rigged hook and sinker.  The bullet shaped head helps this jighead slide through vegetation easier.  It is common to use this rig with plastic worms, lizards, creature baits and other soft plastics.


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Underspins – The Spinner style jighead is great for swimming jigs.  This type of jighead is very popular among bass, northern pike and crappie anglers.  Grubs and minnow-style soft plastics work well on the spinner style jigheads.


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Standup Style Jighead – This jighead was designed to keep your bait upwards when the jighead is on the bottom.  This works well with soft plastics such as worms and crayfish as well as live bait.


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Tube Style Jigheads are designed for fishing with tubes.  Its shape helps the jighead slide completely inside the tubes.


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