Welcome to our Hilton Head Island Fishing Home Page

Hilton Head Island is located in the southern part of South Carolina about 20 miles north of Savannah, Georgia.  The island is a very popular vacation destination with 12 miles of beachfront and numerous golf courses.  Hilton Head Island is known more as a golf destination than a fishing destination, but the fishing is excellent here as well.

There are numerous fishing charters that operate out of Hilton Head Island and you can catch many different types of fish inshore and offshore.  Inshore, anglers target redfish, sea trout, flounder, sheepshead and a variety of other fish.  Offshore, anglers target mahi mahi, wahoo, kingfish, sharks, cobia, grouper, sea bass, snapper and others.

Inshore Fishing

Hilton Head Island gives anglers tons of options for fishing inshore. With the river here and the island, there are so many places to fish where you don’t have to worry about big waves. Inshore, anglers usually target redfish and sea trout, however, you may catch a variety of fish here such as sharks, drum, Spanish mackerel, flounder and even tarpon.

Nearshore Fishing

Nearshore, you have a lot of options here too. Some of the nearshore reefs and wrecks will hold a variety of fish such as sheepshead, black sea bass, sharks, snapper, grouper, king mackerel and more. Other fish that can be found nearshore are bluefish, Spanish mackerel and cobia.

Deep Sea / Offshore Fishing

You have some deep sea fishing options here also. There are so many charters that operate out of the Hilton Head Island area and several of them will go offshore. Fish the reefs and wrecks for snapper, grouper, sharks, barracuda, amberjack, king mackerel and other fish or go after tuna, marlin, mahi mahi, sailfish and more.

Surf & Pier Fishing

Hilton Head Island has lots of fishing opportunities for the shore angler. From the piers to the beaches, there are miles of fishing opportunities and you don’t need a boat to take advantage of it. From the surf, most anglers target whiting and bluefish, but will also catch redfish, smaller sharks, Spanish mackerel and some other fish too. You have a lot of options here with all the piers and the miles of beaches. This is a popular beach vacation destination, so be smart when trying to fish the areas that attract more people. Early in the morning and late evening are the best times to not get in the way of all the swimmers.