Lake St. Joseph

Lake St. Joseph is a large lake located just south of the town of Pickle Lake, Ontario.  It is a far drive up north to get here, but it is worth it if you enjoy fishing.  It has some incredible fishing for northern pike and walleye.

Special Permits

A Form 27 tag is a special permit issued by The Ministry of Natural Resources for non-residents to fish on Lake St. Joseph.  They are only available through operators on the lake.

One Hook Barbless Rule

You may have one hook on a lure and it must be barbless.  A treble is considered one hook, so you can use lures with treble hooks.  You only have to pinch down the barbs and/or remove hooks on the lures you are using on your fishing line.  It might make sense to select 5 or 6 lures you may use and get them ready for the lake rules, so you are spending more time fishing and not messing with your hooks.  However, leave the rest of your tackle box alone since you shouldn’t need dozens of different lures up here anyways.

Walleye Fishing

Lake St. Joseph is an incredible walleye lake.  Anglers can catch so many walleye in so many different places.  It is a huge lake that offers current, bays, points, rocky shorelines, weeds, islands and more offshore structure than you can fish in a lifetime.  It’s a numbers lake with lots of big fish too.  It is one of the better drive-to lakes in Ontario for walleye fishing.

Northern Pike Fishing

Lake St. Joseph is a huge lake with minimal fishing pressure and some outstanding pike fishing.  There are numerous bays with weeds, points, islands and other offshore structure that helps to create a world class fishery.  Come here for numbers or huge fish.  Lake St. Joseph has both.