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The Rainy River is a popular fishing river that runs along the border of the United States and Canada.  Anglers usually come here to fish for walleye, pike, smallmouth bass or sturgeon.

Primary Species of Fish

Walleye & Sturgeon

The Rainy River is famous for its awesome spring and fall runs of walleye where thousands of fish move into the river and some very big fish are reported every year.  Fish up to and above 30 inches are caught every single year on the Rainy River.  The Sturgeon fishing is also world class and it gets a lot of attention here too.

Secondary Species of Fish

Northern Pike, Smallmouth Bass, Muskie

Northern pike and smallmouth bass can also be found in the river throughout the year.  Late spring and fall are best.  Most anglers don’t come here to fish for pike or smallies, but you can target these fish in the river if you choose to.  Our recommendation is to come here for the walleye fishing when they are running.

This is a Border Water

The river serves as a border between the United States and Canada.  Make sure you have everything you need if you plan to cross over between U.S. and Canadian waters.  Also, plan on getting checked by authorities more frequently if you are fishing Rainy River compared to other bodies of water in Minnesota and Canada.  Basically, be smart and make sure to follow all of the rules and regulations when fishing the waters here.  This is not the place to do something stupid.

Seasonal Runs

The river is known for its seasonal spawning runs.  The walleye runs in the spring and fall are what makes this river so popular.  In the spring, walleye move up in huge numbers with tons of big fish available.  There is an early season special regulation that allows anglers to fish Rainy River when other bodies of water are still closed.  Because of this, expect to find plenty of other anglers up here early in the year as well.

The fall walleye run is popular too as the shiner minnows move into the river as water temperatures drop towards the end of September and into October.

Smallmouth bass and northern pike move into the river as well in the spring and fall.  You can find some fish living in the river the entire open water fishing season, but the spring and fall provide better fishing for pike, walleye and bass.

Rainy River Fishing Reports

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Rainy River Fishing Regulations

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