Inflatable Boats

Inflatable boats can be hit or miss.  Some of them are very sturdy and more expensive while the cheaper ones definitely aren’t great for fishing from them.  Some anglers use them as a way to transport them to better spots and then they will fish from shore while others will actually fish from them.


Easy to transport.

The better ones are very sturdy.

You can attach a motor to the better ones.


The cheap ones aren’t real sturdy and they are not great to fish from.

For the bigger ones that can handle a motor, you have to deal with transporting a motor and it can be heavy.

Our Recommendations

Great for Staying on the Same Body of Water

There are better options if you’re looking for a small boat to transport into hard to get to bodies of water.  With this type of boat, you are better off getting a quality one that can be used quite a bit on the same body of water.  This way, you can keep it inflated with the motor attached or at least close by.  Owning one of these boats would be awesome for someone that has a lake home and they want something decent, but don’t want to spend the money to buy a larger boat and deal with the storage, etc.

Popular Brands

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