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Monofilament Line is still the most common fishing line on the market, but techonology is definitely giving anglers more options.  Mono is relatively inexpensive compared to the other lines and many anglers still prefer using mono over the other lines.  Mono does stretch, which may be a problem in setting the hook on a fish from far away.   The stretch in the line does help in fighting a fish because the line will stretch before it will snap, but if your drag is set too tight and you’re not using heavy enough line, I wouldn’t count on the line stretching enough to avoid snapping with a heavier fish.  Mono is a great fishing line, but there are other options that have some advantages.

Choose Your Fishing Line

There are several companies that make monofilament fishing line.  You have a range of dirt cheap to higher end quality line, but even higher end monofilament fishing line is still fairly cheap compared braided line and the super lines of today.

Berkley is one of the top brands and they have several types of monofilament line to choose from.  Berkley Trilene XL Smooth Casting is a quality line.  Berkley Trilene Big Game Monofilament sells in large rolls for an affordable price.  If you want to make it easy on yourself, take a look at Berkley Solutions Spinning Monofilament and Berkley Solutions Casting Monofilament.  Berkley also has another product that should be very appealing to many of the anglers who have switched to Fluorocarbon Line over recent years.   Take a look at Berkley Trilene TransOptic Fishing Line.  With this line, you can see it just fine above the surface, but it’s much less visible beneath the surface.

Stren is another great brand for fishing lines.  Stren MagnaThin is a very popular line that makes it easier for those of you that like to cast with your spinning reels.  Stren Super Knot Monofilament is another good line.  It’s a self-lubricating line which helps to reduce friction to make sure your knots don’t fail.  Stren makes a few other monofilament lines as well if you’re interested.

Sufix has a nice variety of monofilament line.  Sufix is known for its high visibility line, but they have low visibility lines too.  You will find plenty of options with Sufix.

South Bend makes monofilament line as well, but they don’t have as many options as you will find with the other companies.  It’s a good low-cost brand though if you’re looking to save some money.

KastKing has a basic monafilament line, several different colors of mono and a tournament grade mono as well.  This brand isn’t as well known yet, but there are several options and good pricing on their products.

Spider Wire is known by most anglers for their braided fishing line, however, they do have a couple options for those of you that fish with mono.

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