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Walleye are one of the most popular freshwater fish.  Some of the best walleye fishing is in the northern states such as Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio and farther north into Canada.  Walleye are popular because they are one of the best-tasting fish and they are easy to fillet.  While other freshwater fish such as bass, northern pike and muskie are known more as sport fish, walleye are a popular fish to eat.

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If you’re new to walleye fishing or still a beginner when it comes to this species, you may want to take a deeper look into this section.  Whether you want to learn more about the basics, what types of baits work best, tackle recommendations, rigging tips, techniques and more, there is so much information in this section to help get you caught up.

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Cover & Structure

Walleye are known for moving a lot, so to pinpoint these fish, you really need to know the different cover and structure that walleye prefer.  From wood to weeds to rocks, walleye can be found in many different areas on a body of water.

Cover & Structure Page for Walleye


Learn how walleye move throughout a body of water throughout the calendar year.  From spring through winter, walleye are very predictable in the areas that they will be found.

How the Seasons Affect Walleye

Time of Day

Walleye can be incredibly difficult to catch at times and at other times, very easy to catch.  Learn about how the time of day affects walleye fishing on different types of waters.

How the Time of Day Affects Walleye

Types of Water

Walleye can be found in many different types of lakes and rivers.  Learn more about the waters that walleye call their home.

What Types of Water Walleye Can Be Found

Different Depths of Water

Walleye are known more as a deep water fish, however, during certain times of the year and throughout the day, walleye can be found much shallower.  Learn where walleye like to be found and how to catch them in those depths.

Catching Walleye From Shallow to Deep


The weather can definitely play a huge role in whether the walleye will be feeding or not on any given day.  Learn more about how he weather can help or make your fishing day more difficult.

How the Weather Affect Walleye

Best Walleye Fishing Destinations

We’ve put a list together of the best fishing destinations for planning fishing vacations.  Take a look to learn more about the best places to go walleye fishing.

Best Walleye Fishing Destinations