Best Ways to Catch Big Walleye

It’s all About the Destination

You need to pick a good destination that is known for producing quality fish if you want to give yourself the best opportunity to catch a big fish.

Upsize Minnows for Big Walleye

Upsizing to a 4 or 5 inch chub or sucker minnow is the easiest way to target big walleye.  Just know that you’re also going to attract a lot more pike bites too, so you may need a leader to avoid the bite-offs.

Fish Deeper for Big Walleye

Most of the time, you’re going to find the bigger walleye deeper than you’re finding all the smaller walleye.  Fishing deeper usually helps anglers find the better quality fish.

Timing is Key

With some of the huge spring and fall walleye migrations, picking the right time and location can make the difference in the best fishing trip of your life or the worst.  Plan accordingly and have a backup plan in case you don’t hit it right on the dates that you planned.

Soft Plastics Catch Big Walleye

You will usually catch bigger fish on average by going with soft plastics compared to the 3 to 4 inch minnows that most anglers use for walleye.  However, if you fish with the bigger minnows, you’re going to catch more big walleye on the lively minnows compared to the soft plastics.  However, upsizing to some of those jerkbait minnows or swimbaits will usually help you cover more water faster and catch some nice-sized walleye.

Cover More Water:  Trolling Crankbaits, Scrounger Jigheads and Spinner Rigs

One of the key ways to catch more big walleye is to get your lures or baits in front of more big walleye.  The best way to do this is to cover more water.  Whether you troll crankbaits, scroungers or spinner rigs, they all work to help you cover more water and find more big fish.