Bobbers / Floats / Slip Bobbers

You can go with a regular bobber or float when walleye move into the shallows.  This is usually a better technique early in the spring when walleye are shallow or early in the morning, late in the evening and at night on some of those spots where walleye move in to feed.  Most of the time though, you are going to do better by fishing deeper water for walleye, so a slip bobber may be needed if you really want to bobber fish for walleye.

‘The slip bobber rig is one of the most versatile rigs for catching walleye.  Live baits such as nightcrawlers, leeches and minnows work great under a slip bobber.  You can easily change depths, so you can target walleye in the shallows or down deep.  If you fish with live bait and you don’t use slip bobber rigs, you really are missing out on some excellent walleye fishing opportunities.

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