Best Ways to Catch Lots of Walleye

Low Light Conditions Are Best

Walleye are known for feeding heavily at dawn, dusk and at night.  If you want to fish the daylight hours and do well on walleye, the early morning and late evening hours are prime time for walleye fishing.  You can catch plenty of walleye during the day too, especially in murky water, but there is something special about those low light conditions for walleye.  Cloudy and rainy days will also provide low light conditions that will keep the walleye feeding throughout the day.

Spring is a Great Time

As walleye migrate to their spawning sites, the fishing can be fast and furious.  It’s one of the better times of year to catch a lot of fish and big fish too.

Fall Can Be Awesome Too

Walleye are known for migrating in the fall as well.  Time it right and you can experience some awesome fishing in the fall.

Night Fishing is Tough to Beat

Night fishing can be tough to beat, especially in the summer and in clear water.

Fish Murky Waters

Walleye are much more likely to continue to feed during the day in waters that are murky.  The clear water walleye fisheries can be tough to fish during the day, so if you’re looking to put a bunch of walleye in the boat, seek out those murkier water destinations.

Fish Vertically

Fishing vertical is key to consistently catching walleye.  It’s the most effective way to fish deeper water and keep your baits in the strike zone longer.  It also helps you feel those super sensitive bites.


Trolling can be very effective.  It’s one of the best ways to find active schools of walleye.  It’s also another good way to cover more water and present your baits in front of as many big fish as possible.

Use Live Bait

Live baits is the easiest way to catch lots of walleye.  Find where the walleye are at and make sure you have plenty of live bait in the boat.  Minnows, nightcrawlers and leeches all work well.

Half Nightcrawlers Catch Big Numbers of Walleye

A half nightcrawler can be very effective for catching lots of walleye from late spring through early fall.

Spinner Rigs are Awesome

It’s tough to beat a spinner rig.  Cast them or troll them.  Both ways are effective.

Soft Plastics Work Great

Soft plastics won’t allows out fish live bait, but they definitely can when the walleye are active.  With a good bite going on, you save time by not having to re-bait your hook.  However, when the bite slows, you may have to go back to live bait to put up the numbers you’re looking for.  Whether you are using curly tail grubs, ringworms or other soft plastics, they definitely work.