Soft Minnows & Jerkbaits

Soft Plastic Minnows on a jighead work very well for walleye and there are plenty of these baits on the market to choose from.  The soft plastic jerkbaits will still catch walleye, but they don’t usually work as well as the standard soft plastic minnow that is meant for jigging.  A regular jighead and a drop shot rig will both work.

Popular Techniques

Vertical Jigging

Vertical jig these baits just like you would with a live minnow.  You may need to give it a little more action though with the soft plastics to make it look more realistic.

Hop Them Along the Bottom

Cast them out and hop them along the bottom to cover more water.  This is an effective technique, especially when you are searching for active walleye that may be moving up into the shallows.

Swim Them

You can also swim these baits on a scrounger jighead or underspin.  These baits come to life on a scrounger, so if you haven’t tried this technique yet, you might want to give it a shot.