Murky Water

Dark, murky waters usually provide lots of nutrients and a healthy food chain.  Walleye will spend more time feeding in the shallows because the sun doesn’t penetrate as far down in slightly-stained water.  Fishing can be very exciting for walleye in murky water because you can have some of the best fishing during the middle of the day.  The peak feeding times during the early morning, late evening, and at night still provide some of the best fishing opportunities, but you can also catch plenty of walleye during the day in murky water.  On some days, you may even experience a better walleye bite during the middle of the day.

Add Some Color to Your Jigs

Their vision is good in murky water, but it is limited to only a few feet in front of them.  Fluorescent orange, green and glow in the dark lures & jigs produce good results in murky water.

Make Some Noise

Crankbaits, spinner rigs, spinners and blade baits all produce well in murky water.  The rattles and vibration will produce many reaction strikes because walleye are conditioned to grab a bait fast or they will miss a meal.

You Can Fish Shallower

In murky water, you can usually find walleye shallower than you would find them on clear water lakes.  You can still find them deep, however, you can usually find quite a few walleye shallower.  Fish may end up being anywhere from 6 to 30 feet or deeper, but in murky water, you will usually find plenty of fish in the 6 to 20 foot range depending on the season.

Fish All Day

Fishing can usually be quite good all day in murky water.  While on clear water lakes, the fishing usually gets a lot tougher during the day, the bite can stay good and fish can be found shallower than you would find them in clear water during the day.