Spinner Rigs

Spinner rigs are one of the best rigs for targeting walleye.

Pair With Other Rigs

By itself, the spinner rig is a shallow water rig, so you will need to pair it with another rig to add the proper weight for fishing deeper water.  You can use a 3 way rig, Carolina rig or bottom bouncer to get these spinners down much deeper.

Troll Them for the Best Success

Some anglers will cast spinner rigs, but trolling them is way more effective for most situations.  Get these baits down to the bottom and slowly troll them to catch walleye.

Add Live Baits or Soft Plastics

These spinner rigs work great, but you will need to add some type of bait to the hook.  Live nightcrawlers, leeches and minnows work well.  Soft plastics can also be effective on these spinner rigs.

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