Curly Tail Grubs

Walleye anglers have been using curly tail grubs for many years.  These soft plastic baits work great on a jighead. Whether you vertical jig with them, hop them along the bottom, slowly swim them along the bottom or troll with them, you have a very good chance of catching some walleye with a curly tail grub.  Most anglers will keep it simple and use a jighead, but a drop shot rig and spinner rig can also be very effective.  With the larger grubs, you could go with a Florida rig, shaky head jig and even a swimbait hook.

Popular Techniques

Hopping Them Along the Bottom

Cast them out and cover some water by hopping these curly tail grubs along the bottom.  This technique works great, especially when walleye are active looking for a meal.

Swim Them

Swimming a curly tail grub is a very popular technique.  Just make sure you use a heavy enough weight to get these baits down to the bottom.  At times, you can do well swimming them higher up in the water column, but most of the time, you will do better swimming them close to the bottom.