Drop Shot Rig

The drop shot rig is one of the most effective ways to target walleye, although, most walleye anglers don’t even consider using this rig. This rig works great for fishing just above the bottom.  You can cast your line out and hop it along the bottom or fish vertically.  Both methods can be very productive.  The drop shot rig works well with nightcrawlers, leeches and minnows.  There are many soft plastics that will also catch plenty of walleye with a drop shot rig.  Finesse worms, grubs and soft plastic minnows will all catch walleye when the bite is going strong.

Drop Shot Rig & Minnow

The drop shot rig is an awesome rig for using live minnows.  At times, the drop shot rig will actually out fish the jig and minnow, so don’t rule this rig out when fishing for walleye on the bottom.

Drop Shot Rig & Leech

Many anglers have realized that the drop shot rig is one of the best rigs for targeting walleye and a lively leech is one of the best baits to fish on this rig.

Drop Shot Rig & Nightcrawler

Most anglers use jigheads, but a drop shot rig and nightcrawler is super effective.

Drop Shot Rig & Soft Plastics

You can use a variety of soft plastics on a drop shot rig for walleye, however, finesse worms and minnow baits are the most popular baits to fish on a drop shot rig.

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