A simple jighead and live bait is really all you need to catch walleye and that’s how most anglers like to fish for walleye.  Since walleye are usually located on the bottom, a jighead is a good choice to get your bait down to the bottom whether you are using minnows, leeches or nightcrawlers.

Jig & Leech

A simple jighead and leech is one of the better ways to fish for walleye.

Jig & Minnow

A simple jighead and minnow is one of the most popular ways to target walleye from spring through fall.

Jig & Nightcrawler

Keep it simple.  A jighead and lively nightcrawler is one of the easiest and best ways to catch lots of walleye.

Jig & Soft Plastics

You can fish a variety of soft plastics on a jighead for walleye.

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