Fishing Line Recommendations for Walleye

Jigging & Live Baiting

For most walleye anglers, 6 to 8 pound test line is the norm and monofilament fishing line is still king among these anglers.  When jigging with live bait or soft plastic, using the lighter line will help you feel the lighter bites in deeper water.  In clear water, the light line is a must just to get plenty of bites.  In murky water, you can use heavier line, but most anglers that are jigging will stay lighter for the sensitivity.

Trolling or Casting

If you are trolling or casting lures, you are better off going a little bit heavier to avoid snapping your line on a quality fish.  Line in the 10 to 12 pound class is better.  Some anglers go even heavier especially when fishing murkier water and if northern pike are present in the lake.


Bite-offs from northern pike can be a total pain, but most walleye anglers deal with them because they catch more fish with the lighter line.  You could add a 20 pound fluorocarbon leader to your fishing line to avoid bite-offs, but you’ll probably catch less walleye as a result.

Types of Fishing Lines

There are so many fishing lines on the market.  Most anglers still use mono, however, braid has gotten very popular among bass anglers and some walleye anglers have switched over as well.  Fluorocarbon line is to the go to fishing line for clear water.  There are also several types of super lines on the market that are gaining in popularity as well.  Bottom line is that you have a bunch of options for a variety of situations and budgets.  Learn more about the different types of fishing lines that are on the market today.