The wind plays a huge role in where walleye will be found and how well they will be feeding, especially during the day.

Walleye Chop

The walleye chop is where you get just enough wind for the water to be choppy.  When fishing during the day, a little walleye chop almost always helps the bite when fishing for walleye.

The Wind Will Help Position the Fish

The winds can also help position the bait fish, which will end up positioning the walleye as well.  Wind blown shorelines, points, weed edges, bays and flats tend to be better than the calm areas of the lake.  This isn’t always the case 100%, but you will usually do better by fishing the wind blown areas than the calmer areas when fishing for walleye, especially during the day.  Wind has more of an effect on walleye in lakes than rivers.  In rivers, it’s all about currents.


When the wind starts to blow in that 5 to 10 mph range, it’s an ideal wind speed to drift some of the larger pieces of structure.  Find a nice rocky shoreline, large point, reef or island and just drift right along the preferred depths that the walleye may be feeding.