Nightcrawlers work great for walleye.  They are a much better bait in warmer water temperatures, however, some anglers do use crawlers in cold temperatures with some success.  Typically though, when water temperatures warm above 60 degrees, nightcrawlers become one of the best baits to catch walleye.

Jig & Nightcrawler

Keep it simple.  A jighead and lively nightcrawler is one of the easiest and best ways to catch lots of walleye.

Half Nightcrawler for Walleye

A half nightcrawler can be very effective, especially when walleye are biting short.  On many lakes that have slot limits, a half nightcrawler may be keep to helping you get one or two smaller fish that you can keep.

Wacky Rigged Crawlers Work Great Too

There is some very good action with a wacky rigged nightcrawler.  It’s a good way to get more bites, especially if the bite is a little light.

Drop Shot Rig

Most anglers use jigheads, but a drop shot rig and nightcrawler is super effective.

Carolina Rig

Carolina rigs are great rigs, especially when drifting for walleye.  Add a lively nightcrawler and you’ll get plenty of bites.

Spinner Rigs

Most good walleye anglers prefer to use a spinner rig (also known as a crawler harness) and a night crawler as they slowly troll to cover water.  It’s one of the most effective warm water techniques for catching walleye.

Slow Death Rig

The slow death hooks allow anglers to drift or slow troll while creating a spinning action with the nightcrawler.  It’s a very easy way to create some action without having to use a more elaborate rig.

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