Fishing Rod & Reel Recommendations

There are several different types of fishing rods and reels on the market.  For most anglers, they are going to be using spinning rods & reels or baitcaster rods & reels.  For many walleye anglers, they will use both types of rods & reels letting the situation dictate which one they go with.

Spinning Rods & Reels

Spinning rods & reels are the norm for live bait fishing with jigheads, slip bobbers, drop shot rigs and other popular rigs. Some anglers will use this gear for casting a variety of fishing lures as well.  Since you will be using fairly light line when fishing for walleye, there is no reason to have to go heavy with the baitcaster equipment if you like your spinning gear.  Find a rod that has good sensitivity though or you are going to miss a lot of bites when fishing for walleye.


Baitcasters are used by many walleye anglers when casting lures or trolling, but most walleye anglers don’t do a lot of heavy casting so the spinning gear gets used a lot more.  If you are trolling or casting some of those heavier lures though, a baitcaster will help get the job done.