Bottom Bouncing

Trolling bottom bouncer rigs are a great way to catch walleye, especially in the summer when they are deep.  Here are a few things that I like to keep in mind when trolling bottom bouncers.  Make sure to use a heavy enough weight to stay on the bottom for the speed you are trolling.  A slower speed will allow you to use a lighter weight.  A faster trolling speed requires heavier weight.  Let out enough line so the line can get down to the bottom.  If you’re not bouncing the bottom, you’re going to be missing fish most of the time when fishing for walleye, although, at times, walleye will be suspended.

Spinner rigs work well with bottom bouncers.  Green, chartreuse, orange and glow in the dark colors work really well.  Nightcrawlers, leeches and minnows all work well with spinner rigs.  You can use bottom bouncers with live bait and just a hook as well.  Leeches swim well and usually produce quality fish in the summer, but don’t forgot about nightcrawlers, minnows and chubs.

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