Offshore Structure

Offshore structure is where you will find most of the better walleye anglers during the summer and fall.  These are the spots that hold some of the biggest schools of walleye with some of the better quality fish as well.

Underwater Humps

 Underwater humps are harder to find, but when you do, these spots can be some of the best offshore spots to find schooling walleye.  If you want to fill your limit quickly in the summer or fall, find some of the offshore underwater humps.  Rocks or weeds on them will help, but you can find walleye on the humps without rocks or weeds, so all of these spots are worth checking out as long as there is some deep water nearby.


Fishing the reefs is a popular method for catching walleye.  Many of the better walleye lakes will have some shallow and deep water reefs available for you to fish.  The reefs are great areas for holding small bait fish, which attracts bigger fish like perch, smallmouth bass and walleye.  Anglers typically catch all 3 species of fish when jigging with nightcrawlers and leeches on the reefs.  With minnows and chubs, you will most likely catch some smallmouth bass and walleye.  If you are fishing with artificial lures, crankbaits are probably your best option, but soft plastics and jigging spoons can also be real effective.


The islands are the easiest offshore structure to fish because you can find them with your eyes.  You don’t need any additional technology to find these spots.  The downside of that is that all the other anglers can find them easily too, so they will usually get pressured more than an underwater hump offshore.  Islands can be great spots to fish for walleye, especially if you have some deep water close to the island with some rock or weeds there too.