Points are usually good places to target walleye.  It all depends on the type of bottom, the depth, wind and a variety of other factors whether or not the point will hold walleye. Points are usually good places to start when searching for walleye especially if there is a decent drop-off just off of the point.  In the spring and early summer, walleye can often be found right on the drop-off in water as shallow as 5 to 10 feet deep and sometimes even shallower.  Once water temperatures warm in the summer, walleye will can be found in 20 to 30 feet of water, although, many fish will move into the shallows in the early morning, late evening and at night.

There are a variety of ways that you fish for walleye around points.  When fish are in the shallows, you can cast crankbaits, spinner rigs and swimbaits with a lot of success.  Jigs tipped with live bait and soft plastics are always a good choice.  When fish are deep, vertical jigging with live bait is usually the most effective way to catch walleye.  Slip bobbers can also be very effective.