Drifting for walleye is a very productive way to fish for them.  The key to drifting is getting the right wind.  You need a wind that will blow you over the area that you want to fish and it needs to blow you at the right speed.  When the wind does blow harder, you can put out some drift socks to help slow the drift speed down, but you still need to have the wind blow in the right direction.  Some good areas to drift over are large flats, large rocky bottom areas (reefs), points and along weed lines if you can get the right wind.

Most walleye anglers keep it simple when drifting.  A jighead or slip sinker rig get the job done for most anglers.  When the drift is faster, you can use spinner rigs and have a lot of success as well.  Nightcrawlers, leeches and minnows all work well with all of the rigs that were just listed above.  You can also use bottom bouncers or snagless sinkers to help keep you out of snags.

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