Jerkbaits can be excellent baits for catching walleye.  When walleye suspend over deeper water or when walleye are in the shallows, jerkbaits can produce a lot of bites. The stop and go retrieve that most anglers will use for bass fishing will also work great for walleye.  The key is finding walleye that are looking to feed on bait fish off the bottom.  When walleye are slightly inactive and just resting on the bottom, a jig and live bait may be the best way to catch some walleye.  When the walleye are actively feeding on bait fish, a jerkbait is a great choice to put some walleye in the boat.  Early morning, late evening and over night are some good times to target walleye with a jerkbait.  Sometimes, you can catch them during the middle of the day when these walleye suspend over deeper water near schooling bait fish.  Try using jerkbaits that resemble the bait fish that they are feeding on and you should be able to get more bites.  Don’t rule out the shallow water either.  In low light conditions, you can catch walleye in just a few feet of water with jerkbaits.