Soft plastic leeches will definitely work for walleye.  When the bite is going strong, many anglers will switch over to soft plastic for walleye.  You can keep it simple with a jighead or a drop shot rig and a soft plastic leech.  Vertical jigging on the bottom is very effective for walleye or you can fish the leech on a spinner rig.  Try casting or trolling with the spinner rig and soft plastic leech and you should have some success.

Popular Techniques

Vertical Jigging

Vertical jig these baits just like you would with a live minnow.  You may need to give it a little more action to give these soft plastic leeches a more realistic look.

Hopping Them Along the Bottom

Cast them out and cover some water by hopping these baits along the bottom.  This technique works great, especially when walleye are active looking for a meal.

Swim Them

Some anglers have success by swimming soft plastic leeches on the back of a spinner rig.  If you’re looking to give this bait some better action, try pairing it with a scrounger jighead.  The swimming action can be very good this way.