Soft Swimbaits

Swimbaits are great baits to use for walleye fishing.  When fishing for walleye, the longer, slender swimbaits will work much better than the large fat-bodied swimbaits.  Most anglers will use the soft plastic swimbaits that can be rigged on a jighead, swimbait hook, shaky head jig, Texas rig and the Florida rig.  There are some nice hard plastic swimbaits also that do a great job of resembling perch and other bait fish that walleye love to feed on.  When using these swimaits, a simple slow and steady retrieve will get the job done.  When walleye are holding tight to the bottom, you will get more bites with a steady retrieve that just barely ticks the bottom.  You can also have success by fishing different depths throughout the water column when walleye suspend and when these fish move into the shallows to feed on bait fish.