The wind plays a huge role in how well walleye will be biting, especially during the day.  Most experienced walleye anglers talk about the walleye chop.  This means that fishing is much better during the day with a slight chop on the water.  The winds can also help position the bait fish, which will end up positioning the walleye as well.  Wind blown shorelines, points, weed edges and flats tend to be better than the calm areas of the lake.  Wind has more of an effect on walleye in lakes than rivers.  In rivers, it’s all about currents.

Fish the Wind Blown Points

The wind blown points almost always produce better than the points out of the wind.  This isn’t a 100% rule, however, it ends up being correct most of the time.

Fish the Wind Blown Shorelines

The wind helps position bait fish, which ends up positioning the walleye as well.  The wind blown shorelines tend to be better than the shorelines out of the wind.