Jigging is probably the most popular way to fish for walleye.  A simple jighead with a nightcrawler, leech or minnow will get the job done.  There are plenty of anglers that will also use soft plastics, but live bait is preferred for the majority of anglers.  Green, chartreuse, orange and glow in the dark colored jigheads seem to be the most productive jigheads, although, other colors will also work.  Nightcrawlers, leeches and minnows all work well on jigheads.

The jigging technique is simple.  You can cast the jighead out and hop it along the bottom or drag it along the bottom back to the boat.  You can also fish vertically.  When fishing vertically, there are a variety of ways that you can jig your bait.  With live bait, a simple lift and drop technique works well.  You can also slightly jerk the bait up off the bottom and let it fall back down to the bottom.  This more aggressive jigging motion tends to work better with minnows, but it will also work with leeches and nightcrawlers. Another method is to jig your bait up off the bottom and then hold your bait a few inches off the bottom before dropping it back to the bottom.  All of these techniques will work for walleye.