Scrounger Jigheads

Scrounger Jigheads can be effective for walleye fishing.  Since scrounger jigheads work well in shallow water, you need walleye to be actively feeding in the shallows for this technique to be effective.  The spring and early summer are the best times to target walleye in the shallows.  Use finesse worms, curly tail worms, grubs and soft plastic minnows and you should have some action in the early morning, late evening and at night with the Scrounger Jigheads.

Some anglers love the action on these jigs so much that they fish them on a Carolina Rig or 3-Way Swivel Rig to get these baits down deeper.  This can also be very effective for catching walleye.

Best Baits on the Scrounger Jighead

Soft Plastic Minnows

A Scrounger jighead and a soft plastic minnow is an awesome combination.  The swimming action you will get with a slow and steady retrieve is just flat out awesome.

Finesse Worms

The skinnier finesse worms also look great on a Scrounger jighead.  Slowly retrieve these along the bottom and you’ll catch some walleye.