Finesse-Sized Worms

4 to 5 inch worms tend to work best for catching good numbers of walleye.  Take a look below at some of the popular finesse-style worms that work great for walleye.

Ringworms are one of the better soft plastics for targeting walleye.  Most manufacturers only make them in the 4 inch size range and it’s the perfect size for action as well as quality fish.  A variety of colors work well, but the colors that imitate a bait fish work great when you swim these ring worms along the bottom with a slow and steady retrieve.  Hop them along, twitch them with a drop shot rig or swim them and you should be able to catch some walleye with these baits.

The pencil-style finesse worms are great for hopping along the bottom, vertical jigging or even for swimming on a scrounger jighead.  The 4 to 5 inch finesse worms will catch a lot of walleye.

The smaller 4 to 5 inch curly tail worms are very effective baits for walleye.  They are a big time numbers bait and they will catch some better quality walleye too.  Most anglers hop them along the bottom or they will swim them in with a slow and steady retrieve.

Ned Rig

A 2.5 to 4 inch wacky worm on a jighead is super effective for walleye.  The Ned rig will definitely catch a lot of walleye.  Go smaller in that 2.5 to 3 inch range for more action and upsize to the 3.5 and 4 inch sizes to catch good numbers of fish with some occasional big fish too.

Bigger Worms

You don’t have to go too much longer to target bigger walleye with soft plastic worms.  Upsizing to the 5 to 6 inch range will get the job done, but another thing you can do is go a little bit thicker as well.  For example, a thicker 5 to 6 inch paddle tail worm will attract bigger walleye than a thinner pencil-style 5 inch finesse worm.

A thicker 5 to 6 inch paddle tail worm will still catch quite a few walleye, but it’s definitely more of a bigger fish bait.  The thicker paddle tail worms give off a baitfish vibe to them too, so consider using colors that may resemble some of the bait fish that are in the body of water that you are fishing.

A 5 to 6 inch swimming worm is a great swimbait for targeting bigger walleye.  You will catch decent numbers of them when the bite is on, but this size of a bait is definitely going to attract more big fish, so you may not get nearly as many bites as you would if you were using some smaller worms like a ringworm.