Curly Tail Grubs

Walleye anglers have been using curly tail grubs for many years.  These soft plastic baits work great on a jighead. Whether you vertical jig with them, hop them along the bottom, slowly swim them along the bottom or troll with them, you have a very good chance of catching some walleye with a curly tail grub.  Most anglers will keep it simple and use a jighead, but a drop shot rig and spinner rig can also be very effective.  With the larger grubs, you could go with a Florida rig, shaky head jig and even a swimbait hook.

Best Techniques for Grubs & Walleye

Hopping Them

Swimming Them

Best Fishing Rigs for Grubs & Walleye


Shaky Head Jig

Scrounger Jighead

Spinner Rig