Hair Jigs

Hair jigs can be very effective jigs for walleye fishing, especially when walleye are aggressive.  You can use these jigs in a variety of colors, but the colors that resemble their natural forage tend to work best.  Walleye feed on many different minnows and other bait fish.  Chubs, suckers and perch are some of the common fish that walleye eat, so if you can match those colors, you will usually have more success, but don’t rule out other colors.  The real bright colors do well in stained water and some colors don’t even come close to matching their natural forage, but you will still catch plenty of walleye on them.

Some anglers will also tip these hair jigs with live bait and soft plastics.  Leeches, nightcrawlers, minnows and curly-tailed soft plastics will all work when used with hair jigs.  When the bite is going good, you shouldn’t need to tip these jigs.  The hair adds excellent action to the jig.  A slight jerk and drop jigging motion will get plenty of bites.