Minnows work great for walleye.  Anglers use a variety of minnows to catch walleye, but some of the popular minnows to use are fathead minnows, emerald shiner minnows and golden shiner minnows.  Creek chubs, redtail chubs and suckers are also some great bait fish to use for walleye.  Basically, use the smaller minnows for targeting some of those smaller walleye that you may be eating.  Fathead minnows and small shiners are great for those 14 to 16 inch fish and you will catch some bigger walleye too.  The bigger shiners, chubs and suckers work better for the bigger walleye, so if you’re looking for a quality fish above 20 inches and bigger, go with the minnows in the 4 to 5 inch range.