Walleye love leeches and most walleye anglers will use leeches at some point to put some fish in the boat.  Leeches tend to work better once the water warms above 50 degrees because leeches are much more active.  In colder water, many leeches will ball up on the hook and they won’t swim.  Because of this, leeches are considered a great walleye bait from late spring through early fall.

Jig & Leech

A simple jighead and leech is one of the better ways to fish for walleye.

Carolina Rig

A Carolina rig is a great rig for drifting a lively leech.

Drop Shot Rig

Many anglers have realized that the drop shot rig is one of the best rigs for targeting walleye and a lively leech is one of the best baits to fish on this rig.