Saltwater Fish

Saltwater Fishing

Take a look at some of the more popular saltwater fish that anglers may run into while on the water.

Not Categorized Mackerel
American Shad Visit our Mackerel Home Page
Atlantic Spadefish Atlantic Mackerel
Barracuda Cero
Bonefish Popular Types of Mackerel
(Separate Pages)
Mahi Mahi King Mackerel (Kingfish)
Striped Bass Spanish Mackerel
Surf Perch  Wahoo
Visit our Billfish Home Page Grass Porgy
Black Marlin Jolthead Porgy
Blue Marlin Knobbed Porgy
Sailfish Littlehead Porgy
Striped Marlin Pinfish
Swordfish Red Porgy
White Marlin Spottail Pinfish
 Catfish Popular Types of Porgy
(Separate Pages)
Gafftopsail Catfish Sheepshead
Hardhead Catfish
Sea Bass
Visit our Sea Bass Home Page
 Atlantic Cod Bank Sea Bass
Pacific Cod Black Sea Bass
Black Cod Rock Sea Bass
Lingcod Sand Perch
Pollock Sharks
Drums There are so many sharks.
Visit our Drum Home Page Go to our Shark home Page
Atlantic Croaker
Silver Perch Snapper
Spotfin Croaker
 White Croaker There are so many snapper.
 Visit our Snapper Home Page
Popular Drum Fish (Separate Pages)
Black Drum  Snook
Sea Trout  Visit our Snook Home Page
Whiting  Fat Snook
Swordspine Snook
Flounder Tarpon Snook
Visit our Flounder Home Page
Gulf Flounder Tarpon
Southern Flounder
Visit our Tarpon Home Page
Grouper  Ladyfish
There are so many grouper. Tuna
Visit our Grouper Home Page
There are a lot of tuna.
Grunt Visit our Tuna Home Page
White Grunt
Jacks & Pompanos
Visit our Jacks & Pompano Page
African Pompano
Almaco Jack
Blue Runner
California Yellowtail
Popular Types of Jacks & Pompano
(Separate Pages)
Crevalle Jack
Florida Pompano