Porgy Fishing

The porgy is an Atlantic fish found from New England through Florida and the Bahamas.  There are 2 primary species known as the scup and the jolthead.  The jolthead porgy is found further south than the scup porgy.  The scup averages a couple of pounds while the jolthead porgy is bigger with some of these fish growing larger than 8 pounds.

Images of Porgy Fish

How to Catch Porgy

Porgy feed on the bottom along rocky, irregular bottoms where plenty of mussels are available for them to eat.  Light tackle is preferred with a double hook setup so you can fish bait along the bottom and the other bait about a foot off of the bottom.  Smaller hooks are preferred with natural baits such as pieces of clam, sandworms and bloodworms, squid, conch and snails.  Porgy are not very picky.  They will eat a variety of baits as long as they are small enough so they can get it in their mouth.

Live Baits for Porgy

Fishing Rigs for Porgy

Eating Porgy

Porgy taste excellent, but they do have a few bones so you have to be careful when filleting and eating them.

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