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The mahi-mahi (in Hawaiian) is also known as dolphin-fish or dorado, calitos, maverikos, or lampuki (in Maltese). They are surface-dwelling ray-finned fish that are found in offshore temperate, tropical and subtropical waters worldwide. These fish are blue with a beautiful greenish-yellow color on their sides and belly. They also have areas of green on their back. Dolphin fish are found worldwide in warm ocean waters. These fish can grow to more than 70 pounds, but the average-sized fish that anglers catch will be around 15 pounds. Mahi Mahi are often caught on accident by anglers trolling for marlin and tuna.

Trolling for mahi mahi is the most conventional way to catch these fish, but more and more anglers are sight fishing for mahi mahi.  Because these fish are often found around large weedlines and many different types of floating debris, some anglers will go find these spots and chum these areas to see if they can attract some mahi mahi to the boat.  The fishermen that troll for mahi mahi will usually fish for them with live bait once they find the schools of these fish.  Chumming works great to keep them near the boat and many anglers will try to keep one fish on the line in the water while the other anglers are re-baiting.  The school of mahi mahi will often follow the fish that is on your line, so this is a very good technique for catching multiple fish in one spot.

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