Snapper Fishing


red snapperThe snapper family shares some similarities with the grouper family.  There are many different species of snapper and they hang out on the same reefs, wrecks and rocky piles that grouper are found.  Snapper are popular from the Carolinas to Florida on the Atlantic, across the Gulf coast to Texas, and in the water of the Bahamas, Bermuda and Caribbean.  Snapper are smaller than the grouper family, but there is the mutton snapper that can weigh more than 25 pounds and the cubera snapper that can weigh over 100 pounds.  The most popular types of snapper are the red, yellowtail, silk, mangrove, blackfin, dog, gray, black, and lane.


Snapper are found mostly offshore near reefs, wrecks and rock piles.  Inshore, you will find mangrove snapper around bridges, along the mangroves and under docks, but these snapper are much smaller on average than what you will find offshore.

How to Catch Snapper

Snapper fishing is fairly easy if you can find them.  Anglers have a lot of success fishing with shrimp, mud minnows, small pinfish and finger mullet.  Most of the bites will come close to the bottom, so anglers will use a variety of bottom rigs to target snapper.  The fish finder rig is one of the most popular bottom fishing rigs for snapper.

Eating Snapper

Snapper are delicious.  They can be found in most grocery stores and in seafood restaurants throughout the country.  There are tons of recipes out there for snapper.  You can bake, grill and fry them and they will taste great.  It all depends on your personal preference.


Snapper Fishing Basics


Fishing Rigs for Snapper

Below are some of the popular fishing rigs for catching a variety of snapper with artificial lures or live bait.

Inshore Fishing Rigs for Snapper

Offshore Fishing Rigs for Snapper


Live Baits for Snapper


Fishing Lures for Snapper

  • Jigs
  • Jigging Spoons


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