Barracuda Fishing



The barracuda is a very strong, exciting fish.  Many anglers are often annoyed by the barracuda because it will tear up carefully prepared baits that were made for other types of fish.  The barracuda are long with sharp teeth and they have similar attributes as the freshwater northern pike.  If you enjoy northern pike fishing, you will love fishing for barracuda.


Barracuda are found inshore on the flats, around bridges, near mangroves and offshore on the reefs and wrecks.  These fish are opportunistic feeders and they will show up wherever they can find an easy meal.

How to Catch Barracuda

Barracuda can be caught many different ways.  The easiest way to catch them is to use live bait.  Barracuda will eat practically anything they can sink their teeth into, so any smaller bait fish will work.  Experienced barracuda anglers know that the tube lure is another great way to target these fish.  The tube lure is arguably the best fishing lure that you can use for barracuda, especially in the inshore waters.  Jigs, swimbaits, spoons and crankbaits are also effective.  Barracuda like fast-moving baits, so be prepared to burn your lures very quickly if you want to catch more fish.

Because barracuda have very sharp teeth and they are very strong fish, heavy tackle is a must if you want to get them to the boat.  Wire leaders, 20 to 50 pound test line, medium-heavy to heavy action rods and large reels are the preferred tackle for catching barracuda.

Eating Barracuda

They are fun to catch, but they are not very good table fare.  Most fish are released immediately.

Barracuda Fishing Basics

Fishing Lures for Barracuda

  • Tube Lures
  • Topwater Lures
  • Jerkbaits
  • Spoons
  • Jigging Spoons
  • Jigs

Fishing Rigs for Barracuda

Live Baits for Barracuda

Barracuda will go after most live bait fish and if you’re unfortunate enough, they may go after the fish you are attempting to catch.  Lively bait usually works better because barracuda love the chase, but cut bait will also work for barracuda.


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