Drum Fishing Tips

There are many different species of drum that attract the interest of saltwater anglers.  Some of the fish have their own separate sections on our website because of their popularity.  Redfish are the most popular, however, sea trout and black drum get plenty of attention from anglers as well.

Most Popular


The redfish is found from southern New Jersey to Florida and all across the Gulf Coast.  Redfish are primarily found inshore and they are very popular among recreational anglers. Most redfish range from 5 to 15 pounds, but the big bull redfish can weigh as much as 70 pounds.

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Sea Trout

There are quite a few species of spotted sea trout that saltwater anglers may target.  Speckled Trout are by far the most popular, but you can also catch Sand Seatrout, Silver Trout and Gray Trout.  Sea trout are very popular among inshore anglers as they can be caught in bays, along the surf, around bridges and off of piers.

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Black Drum

The black drum is the largest of the drum family.  It is very powerful because of its size and broad shoulders.  Black drum in the 30 pound range are common and they can exceed 100 pounds.   These fish are found on the Atlantic Coast and along the Gulf Coast.  Spring and fall are popular times to target black drum because they head into the bays and inlets to spawn.  They feed on the bottom and some of the best baits are clams and crabs.

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Atlantic Croaker

The Atlantic Croaker is a silvery-bodied fish with dark markings and tiny barbells.  It is common in Atlantic waters south of Massachusetts.  They are a great bait for still fishing on the bottom or just above the bottom.  Some species that like to eat Atlantic Croaker are grouperstriped basssea troutbluefishflounder and even sharks.

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Silver Perch

Silver perch are not as popular as some of the other bait fish, but they can be productive baits for groupersnapper and other bottom fish.  Adult fish are usually around 6 to 8 inches long, but they can get up to around a foot long.

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Spotfin Croaker

Spotfin croaker are found on the Pacific Coast, occurring from Mazatlán, Mexico, to Point Conception, California, including the Gulf of California.  In California, they are most commonly found south of Los Angeles Harbor.  They are usually found along beaches and in bays.

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White Croaker

White croaker is a species of croaker that is found in the Eastern Pacific.  At times, they can be found in the surf or in shallow bays and lagoons, but they are found offshore most of the time.  White croaker eat a variety of fish such as squidshrimp, octopus, worms, small crabs and clams.

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