Whiting Fishing


Whiting are a slender fish that is targeted mostly by surf anglers.  It is one of the most popular fish to catch on the beach.  While most fish will be under a pound, you can often find plenty of good-sized fish in the 1 to 2 pound range that are perfect for the dinner table.

Images of Whiting



Whiting are found mostly in the surf along the beaches.  This is one of the most popular fish to catch in the surf because they are plentiful along the Atlantic coast and throughout the Gulf coast.  Whiting are also found on sand and mud-bottoms around piers, bridges, in the passes, sounds and inlets.

How to Catch Whiting

You can easily catch these fish with light tackle and a piece of shrimp.  Whiting have small mouths, so make sure you aren’t using bait that is too big.  They can be found feeding aggressively in the surf during tidal changes.  It is common to find schools of over 100 fish feeding in an area, so once you find them you should do very well.  One common mistake surf anglers make when fishing for whiting is that they cast too far.  Cast your bait just past the breaking waves and you should be able to catch plenty of fish.  Most whiting are caught in the sloughs and cuts that are located within 10 to 20 feet of the shore.

Eating Whiting

Whiting are good for eating.  Because most fish are in the one pound range, most anglers will fry them, but bigger fish can be baked and even grilled on aluminum foil.

Whiting Fishing Basics

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