Tarpon Fishing


tarponTarpon are one of the most exciting saltwater species caught from Virginia to the Carolinas to Florida and along the entire Gulf Coast.  Tarpon are primarily found inshore near the bridges, passes, beaches and on the flats.  There isn’t another fish in the sea that put on the show that a tarpon can.


Tarpon can be found in the passes, on the beaches, around bridges, near docks, on the flats and in the tidal creeks, inlets and backwaters.

How to Catch Tarpon

Popular baits for tarpon are live natural baits such as pinfish, mullet, squirrel fish, menhaden, spot and blue crabs.  Lures will also work.  Spoons, swimbaits, plugs, jigs and flies are all very productive.  Most anglers prefer sight fishing for tarpon.  Once you see a rolling fish, make sure to get ahead of the fish and then present your bait to the fish.  You may see tarpon rolling along the beaches, on the flats, along lighted docks at night and around the bridges.  When you find these rolling tarpon, there will usually be more fish in the area.  During the tarpon migration, it is common to see tarpon in schools of 20 or more fish.  Fishing the deep water of the passes and bridges is another very popular method for catching tarpon.

Eating Tarpon

Tarpon are not good for eating.  They are considered a sport fish.


Tarpon Fishing Basics

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