Welcome to our Billfish Fishing Home Page

Billfish are pelagic and highly migratory fish. They are found in all oceans, although they usually inhabit tropical and subtropical waters.  Swordfish are found in temperate waters as well.  Make sure to take a look at the navigation links above to learn more about the different types of billfish.

How to Catch Billfish

Most anglers will use live bait such as tuna or mackerel or a variety of trolling lures.

Recommended Tackle

You’re going to need very heavy tackle when fishing for billfish, however, some billfish are bigger than others.  When fishing for large billfish, you need to account for the fact that if you go too light, you may end up killing the fish by stressing it out over a very long fight.

Eating Billfish

Billfish are primarily marketed in Japan, where they are eaten raw as sashimi. They are marketed fresh, frozen, canned, cooked and smoked. It is not usually a good idea to fry billfish. Swordfish and marlin are best grilled or broiled, or eaten raw as in sashimi.