Bluefish Fishing


bluefishBluefish are very popular and they are beloved by anglers because they are easily accessible, they provide some excellent action and they are good table fare.  Some people say that bluefish will eat anything that swims that can’t eat it first.


They can be found in great numbers near Canada’s Maritime Provinces during the summer and they are prevalent throughout the entire Atlantic Coast and in the Gulf of Mexico.  Bluefish are mostly found inshore in bays, along the beaches, around jetties, inlets and many other areas inshore.

How to Catch Bluefish

Bluefish will eat a wide variety of baits and lures.  You can catch them with topwater lures, jigs, spoons, crankbaits and many different types of live bait and cut bait.  Wire leaders are a good idea when fishing for bluefish because their sharp teeth can easily cut through regular fishing line.  Anglers target bluefish in many different areas.  You can catch them in the surf along the beaches, near jetties, around the inlets and in the bays.

Eating Bluefish

Bluefish are considered good-eating by many anglers, but there are plenty of people that think bluefish are a poor-tasting fish.  If you do decide to eat some bluefish, most people recommend bleeding the fish immediately after catching them.  You may also want to trim out the dark meat along the side of the fillet and remove the belly flap because this is where most of the PCBs tend to concentrate.


Bluefish Fishing Basics


Fishing Rigs for Bluefish


Lures for Bluefish

  • Topwater Lures
  • Soft Plastics
  • Crankbaits
  • Casting Spoons
  • Jigging Spoons
  • Swimbaits
  • Jigs
  • Needlefish Lures


Live Baits for Bluefish


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